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Subscribe today to embed the original customizable coupon database. With the Search ‘N Save Coupon Database, you can host your own coupon database with your affiliate links so that you’ll earn from the coupons your readers print!

The Search ‘N Save Coupon Database comes in three formats to fit your needs and budget. Choose between the FREE basic iFrame, low-cost customizable iFrame, or the full WordPress plugin. The iFrame is a great resource, both for helping you complete your weekly matchups for your readers and helping you complete your weekly matchups. But if you’re looking for more customization and features, the WordPress plugin is for you.

FREE iFrame Customizable iFrame Plugin
 Maintained by dedicated support staff
 Copy & paste preformatted blogging format into  match ups
 Include ads on your coupon database page
 Number of pageviews per month unlimited 15,000* unlimited
 Customize coupon links with your own affiliate links   & posts
 Click-to-copy individual coupons or entire groups
 Entire page refreshes with each search
 Customize colors & fonts to match your site
 Submit & report coupons from your coupon database
 Customize the blogging format
 Remove Search ‘N Save branding
 Compatible with Moritz Printable Lists Database  Connector
 Monthly price FREE $7.99 $29.99
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*for a custom package with additional searches, please contact us.

Global Features

Provide a database that is maintained by a dedicated staff to ensure consistency and accuracy. It’s not perfect because there are still so many variables outside of our control — such as coupons reaching their print limit and regional differences — but we work hard to keep it as up to date as we can. You can help by submitting missing coupons and reporting errors as well.

Copy & paste the coupons directly into your matchups with the unique Search ‘N Save blogging format. Quickly copy and paste directly from your search results into your matchups. Coupons are specially formatted so that they don’t wrap onto multiple lines to ensure that they are informative and pretty.

Earn from ads on your coupon database page. Strategically place ads on your Coupon Database page in order to increase your advertising revenue while providing a service that your readers will love.

Customizable iFrame Features

Customize coupon links with your own posts & affiliate links. From to the latest Walgreens Activity Book coupons, customize the source and blogging format to keep traffic on your site and receive credit for your readers’ coupon prints.

WordPress Plugin Features

Customize the colors of your database. Fonts and links will draw from your site’s style sheet to match your branding.

Increase your pageviews. Each database search will reload the full page instead of just the iFrame. These will count as a pageview for your site’s stats & potentially increase your ad revenue if you use a third-party ad network.

Click-to-copy coupons. Use the new click-to-copy feature to copy the HTML coding for each coupon (or all of the coupons in a search) rather than having to highlight & copy them individually.

Submit & report coupons. Allow your users to report errors or expired coupons & submit new ones right from your site.

More customization. If you have your own blogging format that you’d like to continue to use, you can customize the blogging format of new coupons before you sync them with your database so that they’ll be ready as you do your weekly matchups.

For more information on the features and benefits of the Search ‘N Save Coupon Database subscription, visit the Help & Support page.

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Please note that by creating a subscription, you are confirming that you’ve read and agree to the terms of service.

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Subscription Options

3. Please send an email to [email protected] with your username (from Step 1), site URL and email address so that we can activate your subscription.

4. If you would like complete installation service, please set up a temporary administrator account on your blog for us and email the login information to [email protected].

5. You will receive an email once your subscription has been activated and/or your database has been installed. Please note that activation can take up to 24 hours.

If you have any questions at all, please email [email protected] for support.

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